Bodog Online Casino

In the immediate wake of the U.S. legislative ban on the internet betting industry, a handful of online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms made it clear of their intentions to stay in the market anyways. One such site is the all-in-one online gambling site, Bodog. Offering a large sports betting platform, poker room and online casino games, Bodog was and continues to garner most of their business from American players. Therefore, it has come as a surprise to many gamblers of Bodog’s announcement they will no longer be advertising their free-play online casino and gaming sites in the U.S.

Rather, Bodog Chief Executive, Calvin Ayre, said the company is making plans to market their free gambling and educational sites in Europe and Asia. As part of a multi-media advertising campaign, Bodog will be allocating its U.S. facing print, television and radio ads to a fast growing market in Asia and a governmentally regulated industry in the United Kingdom.

Ayre said that although Bodog remains hopeful for eventual regulation of the online casino industry in the U.S., the “climate” of online gaming currently calls for a greater focus on other markets. In the meantime, Bodog will continue advertising their suite of digital entertainment products to North American consumers.

Having recently moved their headquarters from Costa Rica to the online casino friendly island of Antigua and Barbuda, Bodog is gearing themselves for a long term presence in the industry as a leading, reputable provider of online gambling. Antigua and Barbuda was the first government to legalize online casino gambling in the early 90’s, and has since become the industry’s most sought after online gaming licensor. And now that Bodog has acquired the massive infrastructure of online betting site, Betcorp, the company has never been more prepared for global expansion.