Modern Gambling Tips

To Tip or Not to Tip Casino Dealers

Although tipping is not really an option when gambling in the online casino, if you find yourself in the land-based casino, you should think twice before you decide not to tip your dealer.

It is a false conception that dealers work for the casino and are therefore looking out for the casinos best interest. However, this is actually not true. For one, the Floor manager is the one who is usually looking out for the casino (although I have seen a few that like to help the players out). Secondly, dealer’s do not earn a large salary, and are largely dependent on their tippers. When they are tipped, they are happy (even if they don’t outwardly show it).

There have been many times players have accounted a dealer going deeper into a deck in order to assist card counters – who otherwise, nobody would notice except for maybe the floor manager.

Most dealers are more than willing to help out gamblers – Even at those games which strategy becomes an important factor at winning. Even if you can only afford a chip or two, the dealer knows how big your bankroll is sitting on the table, and will gladly appreciate anything you can give. It looks even better when you tip them with the winnings you just took on the last hand.